Opinion, Illustration and Design


My name is Edher Numbi Muhima, an aspiring Information Designer/Art Director and Writer.

I love (BEAUTIFUL) animation and manga. Why manga specifically?  Because I believe that Japan has experienced animation not as a genre but as a medium, allowing it a colorful diversity and interesting perspectives.

I have an opinion on everything, that is everything I understand. I’m also curious and an avid student, even if I believe more into human interaction and practical learning than theoretical rambling. In clear I would learn a thousand times more into a heated social debate than in a all powerful master pupil relationship.

I’m into old school silkscreen printed t-shirts (something I’m planning on learning and mastering) and fashion in general as an expression of personality and character.I really enjoy questioning the status quo, an open mind has helped me in many occasion to realize how beautifully diverse the world and its people is and I try to allow everybody I care about to allow themselves to discover that.

On this blog want to share ideas, concept I find interesting, experience, point of views on society, information and work that I enjoyed making… This blog is also one of the numerous spaces I want to uses in order to allow people to connect with me so that I can learn from them and they can learn from me, but also so that I can generate some attention in order to be hired as a freelancer designer because it’s kind of important.

Alternatively you can use Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.