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Hard time, but Post anyway!!!

That’s what i told myself today, and here i am posting something. Just a quick update: we had our end of the year exhibition, wicked, then now we are preparing for the exams, that means less time to write and draw. but fortunately i have some work up my sleeve…

This is a poster i designed for the Collect a Can, Art can win advertising competition. My Idea was to show that there is a huge hidden potential in every aluminium can, all you have to do is recycle in order to unlock it.Image

Until next time!



Dumb looks

So here I am in the heat and sweet humidity of my city of origin, Kinshasa (DRC), and I get the usual dumb look when people ask me “So, what do you do?” and I boast proudly: “I’m a Designer.”

You see, people tend to get comfortable with not having to explain what they do in detail; you go around waving random associations of words that don’t really make sense to an outsider.

I tried another approach so I say: “I do Visual communication…”

Same result.

Maybe it is that we absolutely have no clue about what we do, that’s why we try to hide behind epithet like graphic designer, marketer, director, artist etc.

Let’s give it another try:” I create posters, logos, leaflets, you know, all those things…”


Does anybody who’s spending four years working toward an Information design (or even graphic design) degree, wants to be known as the guy who designs posters? Not me. I’m far more complex, bigger than that.

“I make information accessible to people by creating potent visual material. I combine images and text, choose the right elements (colors, shapes, composition) to make the message standout”


I mean don’t get me wrong, that one kind of resume what I’m supposed to do pretty well, but I assure you the next following sentences in the conversation are going to make you explain every single word in that sentence. What is it with you people, seriously, can’t you just know what Information designers do. Like you know what a doctor, an architect, an accountant, a pilot does. Those are the reason why I always go blank on the “About” section of forums.

What do I do? : “I’m a Designer, I do Visual communication, I create posters, logos, leaflets, you know, all those thing that make information accessible to people by being potent visual material. I combine images and text, choose the right elements (colors, shapes, composition) to make a message standout”



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Hello world! #2

Hello world!

Doesn’t it have a nice ring to it for a daily post?? I think I’m going to keep it! Just need to check with the copyright issues, let’s hope nobody had the brilliant idea to copyright such a random collection of words!

Soooo Hello World! It’s 6pm in Pretoria South Africa and the sun is shining for it’s a beautiful Spring afternoon.

I just read a beautifully inspiring article from Seth’s blog about writing and overcoming the writer’s block… I’m just wondering if it’s a technique one can also apply to the a designer/illustrator/artist block…
And Just before I was coming from the Illustration studio at the University of Pretoria(where I’m studying at the moment) and we were busy with a very important/interesting/very important end of the year final project. The Urban mundane before I talk about any babbling of my crazy brain I want to hear what does Urban Mundane evoke in your amazing minds.
So beside that all is well in Pretoria, It’s hot to my great contentment and It’s creative, as far as my entourage is concerned. So until the next post…

PS: sorry for the bad quality picture, designer on budget 🙂

Sincerely yours