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Don’t eat me, please…

So I became Vegetarian. Yes, i did. When asked why, i wish i could deliver a heated speech on how cruel it is to slaughter innocent creatures for pleasure, on how humans have a responsability toward the rest of the animal kingdom or on how amazing it is for you health; but i don’t.

I ‘d rather answer with another question : “Why do you eat meat?”

It is quite interesting the kind of answer people come up with : Culture, the food chain, etc. What i found though is that most people just don’t care.

I got exposed and was willing to try it out after asking myself the same question; also out of curiosity. I turned out not being able to feel comfortable eating meat after hearing about the impact a meat diet has on the world, so i stopped.


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The Beginning of Thaurs

I once wrote a story, an epic adventure of two brothers on a quest to discover their origins, tame their new found powers and save their world.
I could not figure out what to do with that story. Expand it in a big fantasy trilogy like Lord of the Rings or The Mistborn saga? Transform it into the scenario of a RPG? A script for an animated movie? Serie?… And just as all the question rose, the story went into hibernation.
Today I made a huge step, the one that paves the way to a future where my fantasy stories don’t hibernate into oblivion. I inked the first four pages of the Serial Web-Graphic Novel I will launch in March: Thaurs. The story, that I started writing in 2007 was intended for an amateur RPG I was working on with the software RPG Maker XP. Since then, the quest of Meloon and his friends grew to be a vendetta against my habit of leaving projects unfinished.
Four pages are probably a tiny thing for the big time mangaka and cartoonist out there but I can’t help but be proud of myself.

So far so good, Now I need to keep on going.
Watch this space.

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Hello world! #2

Hello world!

Doesn’t it have a nice ring to it for a daily post?? I think I’m going to keep it! Just need to check with the copyright issues, let’s hope nobody had the brilliant idea to copyright such a random collection of words!

Soooo Hello World! It’s 6pm in Pretoria South Africa and the sun is shining for it’s a beautiful Spring afternoon.

I just read a beautifully inspiring article from Seth’s blog about writing and overcoming the writer’s block… I’m just wondering if it’s a technique one can also apply to the a designer/illustrator/artist block…
And Just before I was coming from the Illustration studio at the University of Pretoria(where I’m studying at the moment) and we were busy with a very important/interesting/very important end of the year final project. The Urban mundane before I talk about any babbling of my crazy brain I want to hear what does Urban Mundane evoke in your amazing minds.
So beside that all is well in Pretoria, It’s hot to my great contentment and It’s creative, as far as my entourage is concerned. So until the next post…

PS: sorry for the bad quality picture, designer on budget 🙂

Sincerely yours