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Thoughts on annoying status updates #2

pray in private

pray in private

I never, really never, would have though I could be thoroughly annoyed by a religious status on Facebook but how “Thanks Lord!” Is just getting me worked up! I really have to say this. This specific prayer, followed by anything positive just sounds inconsiderate and selfish to others, followed by something negative it is plain masochistic and as much inconsiderate.

Case in point. I went out with a beautiful, smart girl, from a wonderful Christian Catholic family, rich, educated in one word “blessed”. When we would talk I couldn’t help but notice that she kept repeating phrases like “I really thank God for everything” “The lord has never failed me”
Selfish and Inconsiderate why? Because there are thousands of people who don’t have what she had, whose parent didn’t have the opportunities, the abilities, or to make it happen for their family. And while she was, voluntarily or not, boasting her happiness disguised into a prayer maybe she could have stopped and thought for a second that it seemed like she was trying to kill her guilt for being lucky, putting it on God’s back.

But why feel guilty? Weren’t we born equal? No offense to anybody handicapped, but with a brain and a functional body to get us what we needed? When it comes to wealth doesn’t it just depends on how our parent did? How is that something to be guilty about? You are good at writing tests? Good for you! He can draw, she can knit and the bully in the corner can fight!! We all have talent that others don’t wherever we come from. There is nothing to feel guilty about being rich, successful or intelligent, it just give you the ability to allow other people to discover their special “something”. And allowing people to think that any higher being has come down from heaven to touch their particular lives does not motivate anybody successful to dedicate themselves to the right cause.
So next time you feel blessed, before you get down on your knees and thank any god, stop to think about all the people around you who have made your blessing true and thank them. Your god is not blind, if he can hear the selfish thanks of thousands of people on the planet he will put the pieces together and realize that the thank is directed to him.


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Thoughts on annoying status update

I find it rather unpleasant when people post attention seeking status on social media, but then again why is it supposed to be different from real life. It’s just like an exaggerated version of what anybody would do if they could shout out loud something to five hundred(or more) people at the same time.

I like to think of it as a phase, from my own experience it start by joining that new trendy thing everybody is talking about. One or two log in per week, or even less. Then with the addition of friends who have been using the network for a while, you start following their lead on how to use it. Some people stick in that phase a little bit longer than others. The thing is if all of your friend post cheesy proverb/sayings and ALL CAPS prayers, there is a lot of chance that you start like them.

The step that follows and the most interesting, is when everybody start behaving like their true self online. Interesting because everything seem either amplified or nullified. A prayer that would have seem touching just sounds desperate and ridiculous and a cheesy proposal sounds(reads) amazing.

And then there is some people who seem to have mastered the art of combining their life and social media, they know how to use it in a way that can hardly be explained. Every post seems appropriate, every update right how and where it’s supposed to be.
But then again why does it matter so much? Because social medias take a huge part in our lives and because I can’t help but be irritated by attention seeking status.

Fortunately its a lot easier to screen those than to screen people in real life.