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Hard time, but Post anyway!!!

That’s what i told myself today, and here i am posting something. Just a quick update: we had our end of the year exhibition, wicked, then now we are preparing for the exams, that means less time to write and draw. but fortunately i have some work up my sleeve…

This is a poster i designed for the Collect a Can, Art can win advertising competition. My Idea was to show that there is a huge hidden potential in every aluminium can, all you have to do is recycle in order to unlock it.Image

Until next time!


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Don’t eat me, please…

So I became Vegetarian. Yes, i did. When asked why, i wish i could deliver a heated speech on how cruel it is to slaughter innocent creatures for pleasure, on how humans have a responsability toward the rest of the animal kingdom or on how amazing it is for you health; but i don’t.

I ‘d rather answer with another question : “Why do you eat meat?”

It is quite interesting the kind of answer people come up with : Culture, the food chain, etc. What i found though is that most people just don’t care.

I got exposed and was willing to try it out after asking myself the same question; also out of curiosity. I turned out not being able to feel comfortable eating meat after hearing about the impact a meat diet has on the world, so i stopped.

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The Beginning of Thaurs

I once wrote a story, an epic adventure of two brothers on a quest to discover their origins, tame their new found powers and save their world.
I could not figure out what to do with that story. Expand it in a big fantasy trilogy like Lord of the Rings or The Mistborn saga? Transform it into the scenario of a RPG? A script for an animated movie? Serie?… And just as all the question rose, the story went into hibernation.
Today I made a huge step, the one that paves the way to a future where my fantasy stories don’t hibernate into oblivion. I inked the first four pages of the Serial Web-Graphic Novel I will launch in March: Thaurs. The story, that I started writing in 2007 was intended for an amateur RPG I was working on with the software RPG Maker XP. Since then, the quest of Meloon and his friends grew to be a vendetta against my habit of leaving projects unfinished.
Four pages are probably a tiny thing for the big time mangaka and cartoonist out there but I can’t help but be proud of myself.

So far so good, Now I need to keep on going.
Watch this space.

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Driving issues

I can’t drive. Beside making me perpetually dependent from someone else which is impractical, it also not quite seen in a good eye by other(South African and Congolese society here). For my defense in an ideal civilization i wouldn’t need to.
Ideal civilization : Perfectly effective public transport in and out of cities, buses, Train and very few taxis. Personal transportation system? Bicycles. Cars and engine machines reserved to big trucks and ambulances.
If it was that simple.
Our time is soo dependent on oil and petrol based powered machines that even if nobody owned their own cars the impact on the environment would not be considerable, or would it?
Walking is good for you. You stay fit, it’s cheap and entertaining. There is no traffic jam meaning you are always in control and it allows you time to think. So Overall beneficiary experience.
While taking the pledge to never drive a car is pointless and impractical maybe thinking about it isn’t so. Reducing our dependence on personal transportation system, recycling and switching off our lights when we don’t need them is not either.
So for as long as I can I will try not to learn how to drive a car, then if the pressure is too great I will maybe consider getting a driver :).

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Thoughts on annoying status updates #2

pray in private

pray in private

I never, really never, would have though I could be thoroughly annoyed by a religious status on Facebook but how “Thanks Lord!” Is just getting me worked up! I really have to say this. This specific prayer, followed by anything positive just sounds inconsiderate and selfish to others, followed by something negative it is plain masochistic and as much inconsiderate.

Case in point. I went out with a beautiful, smart girl, from a wonderful Christian Catholic family, rich, educated in one word “blessed”. When we would talk I couldn’t help but notice that she kept repeating phrases like “I really thank God for everything” “The lord has never failed me”
Selfish and Inconsiderate why? Because there are thousands of people who don’t have what she had, whose parent didn’t have the opportunities, the abilities, or to make it happen for their family. And while she was, voluntarily or not, boasting her happiness disguised into a prayer maybe she could have stopped and thought for a second that it seemed like she was trying to kill her guilt for being lucky, putting it on God’s back.

But why feel guilty? Weren’t we born equal? No offense to anybody handicapped, but with a brain and a functional body to get us what we needed? When it comes to wealth doesn’t it just depends on how our parent did? How is that something to be guilty about? You are good at writing tests? Good for you! He can draw, she can knit and the bully in the corner can fight!! We all have talent that others don’t wherever we come from. There is nothing to feel guilty about being rich, successful or intelligent, it just give you the ability to allow other people to discover their special “something”. And allowing people to think that any higher being has come down from heaven to touch their particular lives does not motivate anybody successful to dedicate themselves to the right cause.
So next time you feel blessed, before you get down on your knees and thank any god, stop to think about all the people around you who have made your blessing true and thank them. Your god is not blind, if he can hear the selfish thanks of thousands of people on the planet he will put the pieces together and realize that the thank is directed to him.